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Radio Stations in Lucena City

Radio Tower
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Hey fellow Lucenahin, do you love listening to the radio? If you do, then this list is for you!

Anu-ano ba ang radio stations dito sa Lucena at sang frequency ito makikita?

Tune-in na sa inyong favorite radio stations, at sabayan ng pag-awit at pag-indak ang inyong pakikinig!

Here are the lists of  FM and AM radio stations here in the City of Lucena:

FM Stations (by frequency)

90.3 MHz Magik FM (DWMZ -FM)
Century Broadcasting Network
Century Communications Marketing Center, INC.
4/F JS Building, Lakandula cor. Merchan Sts., Lucena City

91.1 MHz Campus Radio (DWQL-FM)
RGMA-7(Radio Global Media Arts 7)
2/F Ancon Bldg., Merchan Cor.
Evangelista Sts., Lucena City

92.7 MHz Bay Radio (DWKL-FM)
Baycomms Broadcasting Corp.
Upland Institute Bldg., 116 M.L. Tagarao St., Brgy. Ilayang Iyam, Lucena City
SunCell 0922-791-0721
Smart 0947-975-2847
Globe 0915-458-7173
(042) 795-3296

95.1 MHz Kiss FM (DWKI-FM)
ConAmor Broadcasting Systems
Broadcast Village , Red –V ,Brgy. Ibabang Dupay ,Lucena City
(042) 710-4178
(042) 725 0853

97.5 MHz Big Sound FM (DWNG-FM)
Vanguard Radio Network
Adad Bldg.,M.L.Tagarao Cor Allarey Sts., Lucena City

98.3 MHz One FM (DZLQ-FM)
Radio Corporation of the Philippines
DZLT Compound Red-V , Brgy. Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City
(042) 661-7683

100.7 MHz Love Radio (DWLW-FM)
Manila Broadcasting Company
5/F Constantino Bldg.,Enverga St Cor. Quezon Ave., Lucena City
(042) 710 6534

103.9 MHz Spirit FM (DWVM-FM)
Catholic Media Network
2/F Sentro Pastoral Bldg. Diocesan Compound, Isabang, Lucena City
(042) 373 1469

105.3 MHz Radio City (DZCT-FM)
Kaissar Broadcasting Corp.
Brgy. Calumpang,Tayabas City ,Quezon
(042) 661-2134


AM Stations (by frequency)

972 kHz DWTI-AM Kasamang TI
Conamor Broadcasting System
Broadcast Village,Red –V, Bgy. Ibabang Dupay ,Lucena City
(042) 710-4178

1017 kHz DWLC-AM Radyo ng Bayan
Philippine Broadcasting Service
Governor Mansion Cmpd., Lucena City
(042) 710-2914
(042) 710-8836
(042) 710-3224

1188 kHz DZLT-AM Radyo Pilipino
Radio Corporation of the Philippines
Red-V, Brgy. Iba. Dupay, Lucena City
(042) 661-7683

1260 kHz DZEL-AM Radyo Agila
Eagle Broadcasting Corporation
Brgy. Silangang Mayao, Lucena City
(042) 710-3832
(042) 660-7679
(042) 373-2950

1512 kHz DZAT-AM
End Time Mission Broadcasting.,Inc
Purok Rosal, Brgy.Silangang Mayao,Lucena City
(042) 660-3467
(042) 710-7236

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