Article Guidelines for Lucenahin Contributors is now accepting contributions from our readers. If you have an interesting or informative story to share about our city or our fellow Lucenahins, just read the guidelines below to find out how you can be one of our contributors.


You may write about any topic that you find interesting as long as they fall under any of the following categories:

  • any arts and crafts lessons, sports clinic, skills training, or other similar programs that Lucenahins can avail for free;
  • any programs that Lucenahins on vacation, particularly students, can volunteer for;
  • any groups, clubs, or associations of interest in Lucena City (e.g. art clubs, Birdwatchers’ Club, etc. (Please refer to this link for some examples:;
  • any places of interest in Lucena, especially those that highlight or promote the city’s beauty, history, or culture. (Please refer to this link for some examples:;
  • any prominent Lucenahin with an inspiring story to tell (Please refer to this link for some examples:; and
  • any significant events (upcoming) that may be of interest to Lucenahins (Please refer to this link for some examples:


Writing Guidelines:

As a content writer for, you will be expected to follow the guidelines below when writing your articles.

  • The article should be an original composition written by you. Citing second-hand information is allowed, provided that the original source of the information was properly credited in the article. For citation guidelines, please see APA StyleChicago Manual Style, or MLA Style.
  • The article should contain a minimum of 600 words.
  • The article should not contain any materials that infringe on a third party’s copyrights. For copyright guidelines, please see “Copyright and Fair Use in the UMUC Online or Face-to-Face Classroom.”
  • The article should not contain malicious, defamatory, or potentially insulting references to a specific individual, group, organization, race, or gender.
  • The article should be as factual as possible. In cases where it will be impossible to verify or maintain the accuracy of certain pieces of information, either due to limited resources or constant updates, please write a disclaimer to let our readers know that further and more comprehensive research is required.
  • The article should not contain materials that encourage readers to participate in activities that violate local, national, or international laws or regulations.
  • The article may contain passing references to specific businesses or advocacies provided that the general tone of the article remains fair and informative.

Submission Guidelines:

  • For regular contributors, please use the WordPress account that was given to you to upload your articles. You can find a tutorial on how to navigate the WordPress dashboard on this page. For guest posters, please send your articles to and write “Guest Post” on the subject line. You may send them either as a Microsoft Word document attached to the e-mail or you can just copy the text into the body of the mail itself.
  • Please include a short biography with your article so that we can tell our readers a bit more about you. Your author’s bio may contain your interests, professional history, a combination of both, or anything else that you might think of, provided that it does not violate any of the guidelines mentioned above. As much as possible, try to keep your author’s bio as brief but as informative as possible.
  • Accompanying photos for your article should be in JPEG format with at least 300 x 200 pixels for insets, 960 x 300px for featured images (the ones you’ll find at the top of the homepage), and 100×120 pixels for the author’s biography. In the event that you had to use someone else’s photos for your article, please make sure that the owner of the photographs was properly credited, and that you had permission to use it for your article.
  • If you wish to share the article with your friends, feel free to leave links to your website or social networking accounts so that we can include it in the post we are going to publish.

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