Banking and Financial Institutions in Lucena City

1.) BDO- SM City Lucena
2.) BDO- Quezon Ave.
3.) BDO- Aurora Blvd.
4.) BDO-Merchan St.
5.) BDO-Enriquez St.
6.) MetroBank- Red-V
7.) MetroBank- Landco
8.) MetroBank- Enriquez (Main0
9.) MetroBank- LucenaQuezon
10.) BPI- Granja St.
11.) BPI- SM City Lucena
12.) BPI- Quezon Ave.
13.) BPI- Enriquez St.
14.  BPI Globe Banko- Granja St.
15.) RCBC- Quezon Ave. Ilaya
16.) RCBC- Quezon Ave. (main)
17.) RCBC- Quezon Ave. (south)
18.) UCPB- Leon Guinto
19.) UCPB- Centro
20.) Land Bank- Quezon Avenue
21.) Land Bank- Aurora Blvd. Regional Branch (Soon to open)
22.) BSP- Quezon Ave
23.) PNB- Quezon Ave.
24.) DBP- (Regional Branch) Merchan St.
25.) Security Bank- Merchan St.
26.) PBCOM- Merchan St.
27.) PSBANK- Enriquez St.
28.) PSBANK- Quezon Ave.
29.) Eastwest Bank- Quezon Avenue
30.) WealthBank- Pacific Mall
31.) Asia United Bank- Enriquez St.
32.) ChinaBank- Quezon Ave.
33.) City Savings Bank- One People Square
34.) Union Bank- One People Square
35.) Union Bank- Quezon Ave.
36.) Allied Bank- Quezon Avenue
37.) Robinsons Bank- Quezon Avenue
38.) Bank of Commerce- Quezon Ave.
39.) Philippine Veterans Bank- Granja St.
40.) Philtrust Bank- Quezon Avenue
41.) Philippine Business Bank- Quezon Avenue
42.) Planters Bank- Merchan St.
43.) Entrepreneurs Bank- Merchan St.
44.) Apex Bank(Rural Bank of Lipa)- CM Recto St.
45.) Green Bank- Enriquez St.
46.) MayBank- Quezon Avenue
47.) Ormon Bank- Granja St.
48.) Card Bank- Granja St. (one of the first branch with ATM Service)
49.) Universal Rural Bank(Rural Bank of Lopez)- Merchan St. (Soon to open)
50.) Rural Bank of Pagbilao- Red-V
52.) Rural Bank of Tagkawayan- CM Recto St.
53.) Quezon Development Savings and Loan bank- Capitol (main)
54.) Quezon Development Savings and Loan bank- Granja St.
55.) Philippine Rural Bank- Enriquez St.
56.) Producers Bank- ML Tagarao St.
57.) Insular Savings Bank- ML Tagarao St.
58.) QCRB- Garcia Corporate Tower
59.) QCRB- Perez St. (Main)
60.) QCRB- Quezon Avenue (Ilaya)
61.) QCRB- CM Recto St.
62.)  Mega Rural Bank ( Rural Bank of Lucena City)- CM Recto St.
63.)  Rural bank of La Carlota- Merchan St.
64.)  China Savings Bank- Soon to open

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