Banking and Financial Institutions in Lucena City

1.) BDO- SM City Lucena
2.) BDO- Quezon Ave.
3.) BDO- Aurora Blvd.
4.) BDO-Merchan St.
5.) BDO-Enriquez St.
6.) MetroBank- Red-V
7.) MetroBank- Landco
8.) MetroBank- Enriquez (Main0
9.) MetroBank- LucenaQuezon
10.) BPI- Granja St.
11.) BPI- SM City Lucena
12.) BPI- Quezon Ave.
13.) BPI- Enriquez St.
14.  BPI Globe Banko- Granja St.
15.) RCBC- Quezon Ave. Ilaya
16.) RCBC- Quezon Ave. (main)
17.) RCBC- Quezon Ave. (south)
18.) UCPB- Leon Guinto
19.) UCPB- Centro
20.) Land Bank- Quezon Avenue
21.) Land Bank- Aurora Blvd. Regional Branch (Soon to open)
22.) BSP- Quezon Ave
23.) PNB- Quezon Ave.
24.) DBP- (Regional Branch) Merchan St.
25.) Security Bank- Merchan St.
26.) PBCOM- Merchan St.
27.) PSBANK- Enriquez St.
28.) PSBANK- Quezon Ave.
29.) Eastwest Bank- Quezon Avenue
30.) WealthBank- Pacific Mall
31.) Asia United Bank- Enriquez St.
32.) ChinaBank- Quezon Ave.
33.) City Savings Bank- One People Square
34.) Union Bank- One People Square
35.) Union Bank- Quezon Ave.
36.) Allied Bank- Quezon Avenue
37.) Robinsons Bank- Quezon Avenue
38.) Bank of Commerce- Quezon Ave.
39.) Philippine Veterans Bank- Granja St.
40.) Philtrust Bank- Quezon Avenue
41.) Philippine Business Bank- Quezon Avenue
42.) Planters Bank- Merchan St.
43.) Entrepreneurs Bank- Merchan St.
44.) Apex Bank(Rural Bank of Lipa)- CM Recto St.
45.) Green Bank- Enriquez St.
46.) MayBank- Quezon Avenue
47.) Ormon Bank- Granja St.
48.) Card Bank- Granja St. (one of the first branch with ATM Service)
49.) Universal Rural Bank(Rural Bank of Lopez)- Merchan St. (Soon to open)
50.) Rural Bank of Pagbilao- Red-V
52.) Rural Bank of Tagkawayan- CM Recto St.
53.) Quezon Development Savings and Loan bank- Capitol (main)
54.) Quezon Development Savings and Loan bank- Granja St.
55.) Philippine Rural Bank- Enriquez St.
56.) Producers Bank- ML Tagarao St.
57.) Insular Savings Bank- ML Tagarao St.
58.) QCRB- Garcia Corporate Tower
59.) QCRB- Perez St. (Main)
60.) QCRB- Quezon Avenue (Ilaya)
61.) QCRB- CM Recto St.
62.)  Mega Rural Bank ( Rural Bank of Lucena City)- CM Recto St.
63.)  Rural bank of La Carlota- Merchan St.
64.)  China Savings Bank- Soon to open

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  1. is there a bank still hiring today?

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  2. can you please add information to this?
    like contact number and address of each banks 🙂

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  3. Hi.. How to apply or send resume on those bank that will open soon? Thanks

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    • Hi Gigi! Thanks for visiting our website!

      We’re sorry but we’re not affiliated with those banks, so we’re not really sure where you can pass your resume. Maybe you could try sending it at the Main Office of the bank that you wish to apply to. 🙂

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