Lucenahin Picks: Lucena Online Stores for your Christmas Shopping 2015

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m pretty sure all of you have already prepared your shopping lists. For an easy and cozy way of shopping, try our list of Lucenahin online shops – from Hello Kitty collectibles to sumptuous cakes, you’ll definitely find everything you need.


Beauty and Wellness


Product Range:  Whitening and Beauty products imported from Japan, Thailand, Kuwait, USA

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Tokyo Love Soap, Aura Products, Naturactor Cosmetics

Facebook: MS Asian Health and Beauty Shop

Owner: Mary Jane Sertkaya / Manager: Myra Ver Rosales

Business Address: M.H. Del Pilar St. Cor. Cabana St. Brgy. 3 Lucena City

Landline Number: (042)-322-0538

Mobile Number: (0917) 812-6180/ (0998) 563-5797

Email Address: Ms. Asian Beauty

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:30 PM

Price Range: P50.00 – P2,980.00

Payment Method: (Cash, Bank transfer(BDO/BPI), Palawan Express, LBC, Cebuana, Western Union.)




Name of Business: GOOD SHIT FACTORY

Good Shit Factory

Product Range: Cool Designs Vinyl Stickers – Good for indoor and outdoor use

Facebook: Good Shit Factory

Instagram: Good Shit Factory

Owner: Vera Agustino

Business Address: Brgy. Gulang-gulang Lucena City

Mobile Number: 09231975039

Email Address:

Operating Hours: 10AM-10PM

Price Range: P20 and above

Payment Method: Cash

Purchase Channels: Physical Store, text, Online transactions and meet-ups

Standard Delivery Time: 30 minutes minimum.

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Vinyl Stickers



Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Kittybuzz Licas Online Shop

  • Hello Kitty Led
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Hello Kitty Wall lamp
  • Hello Kitty Placemat

Product Range:

  • Bedroom slippers
  • Placemat
  • Pillow
  • Wall clock
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Wallets
  • Wall lamp
  • Mirror
  • Doormat

Facebook: Kittybuzz Licas Online Shop

Instagram: Kittybuzz Licas Online Shop

Owner: Kitty M. Licas

Business Address: Phase 2 A Village of St. Jude Lucena City

Mobile Number: 09289536768

Email Address:

Operating Hours: 8AM – 11PM (Thursday – Friday)

Price range: P40 – P1400

Purchase Channels:  thru text, social media accounts and meet-ups


Fashion and Cosmetics

Aira Bautista



Owner: Ma. Aira L. Sinohin

Business Address: Lucena City

Mobile Number: 0918-336-2168





Name of Business: MAARTE BY JHAJHA

Product range: US authentic cosmetics, clothes, accessories. Maarte by Jhajha

Facebook: Maarte by jhajha

Instagram: Maarte by Jhajha

Owner: Jhajha Gala

Business Address: 101 Belair Subd. Lucena City

Mobile No: 09423628794

Email add:

Operating Hours: 24/7

Price range: P250-P400

Payment method: Bank transfer, smartpadala, COD (Lucena Area only)

Purchase channel: thru social media and meetups


Pre Loved Shop

Name of Business: PRE LOVED SHOP

Product range: Preloved Clothes, Shoes and Accessories


Owner: Jhajha Gala

Business Address: 101 Bel-air Subd. Lucena City

Mobile No: 09423628794

Email add:

Operating Hours: 24/7

Price range: Price starts at 69pesos

Payment method: Bank transfer, Smart padala, code (Lucena area only)

Purchase channel: Thru social media and Meet-ups


Name of Business: QUEEN BEE FASHION 

Queen Bee Fashion

Facebook: /


Owner: Reymark and Arlene Bautista

Business Address: Happy Valley St. Maharlika Hi-way, Red-V, Lucena City

Mobile Number: 0939-3134-089

Operating Hours: opens daily 8:30am-9:30pm




Sir Miggy's Online Shop 3Name of Business: SIR MIGGY’S ONLINE SHOP

Product Information: An online store where you can find mobile accessories, shoes, clothing, gadgets and others updated fashion statements and accessories.

Product Range: Nike Shoes and Watch, Addidas Shoes, Powerbank, MP3 Watch & a lot more.

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Nike LED Watch (200PHP), Nike Shoes Overrun (2,500PHP), Powerbank(850PHP) and Perfumes.

Facebook: or

Owner: Mr. Miguel Y.Geneblazo

Business Address: 121 Blk 14A Alessia St. Camella Homes Isabang Tayabas city

Mobile Number: 09159058047 / 09480515631

Email Address:

Official Website:

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00AM to 7:00PM

Price Range: P100 – P7000

Payment Method: Cash, bank transfer, G-cash, SmartMoney

Purchase Channels: by e-mail, through social media accounts, meet-ups, text and mobile calls

Standard Delivery Time: 1 to 3 days



for lucenahin copy

Product Range: Couple Shirts, Family Shirts, Filipino Shirts

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Couple Shirts

Business Address: 2nd floor, Pacific Mall Lucena near CD-R King, M.L. Tagarao St., Lucena City

Mobile Number: 0932-519-0004/ (042) 716-2442

Email Address:

Official Website:


Operating Hours: 9 am – 8 pm

Price Range: P250 – P349

Payment Method: Cash, G-cash, Smart Money, Paypal, Bank Deposit

Purchase Channels: Pacific Mall store, e-mail, social media accounts,

Standard Delivery Time: 3 to 4 working days



Name of Business: AYRAN’S DELICACIES

Product Range:Ayran's delicacies

  • Tikoy
  • Kalamay
  • Home-made cheddar chiz,
  • House and Lot at Calmar Land

Bestsellers: Cheddar Chiz , Kalamay

Owner: Jessamy Ayran

Business Address: Site Lucena City

Landline Number: 373-23-05

Mobile Number: 09473546009

Email Address:


Operating Hours: Anytime

Payment Method: Cash, Bank transfer and Smart Money


Name of Business: DELIZIE BAKESHOP

Product range: Customized Cakes and Cupcakes for different Occasions

Facebook: Delizie Bakeshop

Owner: Reina Mendiola Bermudez Delizie Bakeshop

Business Address: Narra Street, Employees Village, Lucena City

Landline Number: (042) 322-04-00

Mobile Number: 0917-880-9275 or 0942-350-9897

Email Address:

Operating Hours: 9am-7pm

Price Range: P480 (12pcs cupcakes) for the cakes, depends on the size and design

Payment Method: Cash, Bank transfer and Smart money (requires 50% deposit a week before the event for customized cakes)



Product Range:  Cake pops, Cupcakes, Salads, Leche Flan, Baked Macaroni, Polvoron and Pastillas Dessert Island Bakeshop 3

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Cake Pops, Cupcakes and Baked Macaroni

Owner: Sherry Rose T. Faller

Business Address: 20 Waling-waling Street, Stephen Compound, Iyam, Lucena City

Landline Number: (042) 373 – 2196

Mobile Number: 09196288875

Email Address:

Operating Hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm

Price Range:  P12 – P60

Payment Method: (Cash, credit card, bank transfer, wire transfer, G-cash, Smart Money, etc. Please choose all that applies): Cash



Product Information: Handimade Event

  • Appetizer table
  • Candy buffet
  • Cake and pastries

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: We are professional event coordinator that can cater to all clients request.


Owner: Efrelyn E. Calabano and Esther L. Orfano

Business Address: Merchan Cor M.L Tagarao St. Lucena City

Mobile Number: 09328717925 or 09175147802

Email Address:

Operating Hours: You may contact us anytime thru mobile or Facebook

Product Range: We also offer event services

Price Range: Depending on the scope of work

Payment Method: Cash

Purchase Channels: We can do meet-ups, email, or chat thru Facebook or text or call on mobile phones.


Name of Business: JUSTBAKED

Product Information: Made-to-order cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and other sweets. We also do customized cakes and cupcakes.

Product Range: Cakes, Cupcakes, and Brownies. We also customize.

Facebook: JustBaked

Owner: Alisa Reyes Justbaked

Business Address: Sampaguita St., North Employees Village, Lucena CIty

Mobile Number: 09323353049

Operating Hours: To place an order, contact us a week or 2 days at most, before the occasion/event

Price Range: P250 – 700 Customized cakes or cupcakes depends on the design

Payment Method: Cash

Purchase Channels: Social Media

Standard Delivery Time: Depends on the customer availability

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Brownies, Rainbow Cake, and Chocolate Cake


Name of Business: LORI STATION

Product Range: Lori Station

  • Floating island
  • Lechesuman
  • Lecheubemani
  • Classic ensaymada
  • Kolache ensaymada
  • Red velvet crinkles
  • Chicken cordon bleu
  • Grandas Sansrival
  • Grandas Silvanas

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Floating island, Grandas Sansrival and Grandas Silvanas

Facebook: Lori Espinase 

Instagram: LoriStation

Owner: Lori Espinase

Business Address: Lucena City

Mobile Number: 09124420451

Email Address:

Operating Hours: 7am-10pm

Price Range: 65 – 230 PHP

Payment Method: Smart Money, BPI and Palawan Express

Purchase Channels: Social media accounts, Bus shipping, Meet-ups within Lucena area only


Name of Business: PICOLE LUCENA

Product Range: Juicy Pops, Milky Pops, Lite Pops, Yogu Pops, Dip Pops, Premium Pops

Picole Lucena

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Avocado Milky Pop, Strawberry Juicy Pop, Pistachio Siciliano


Official Website:

Mobile Number: 09173153882

Email Address:

Operating Hours:

  • Inquiries : 8am – 10pm
  • Pick up: 10am – 7pm

Price Range: P40-above

Payment Method: Cash and Bank transfer

Purchase Channels: Social media accounts, SMS, Email and Meet ups

Standard Delivery Time: Usually few hours/minutes after order are confirmed.

For Bulk orders – 2 weeks lead time


Name of Business: SUGAR RUSH BY KATKAT

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Floating Island, Red Velvet Crinkles and Graham Balls

Facebook Page: Sugar Rush by Katkat Katkat Amparo

Owner: Catherine Amparo

Business Address: #4 Lagos Extension Barangay 8, Lucena City

Landline Number: 710-48-40

Mobile Number: 09194381740

Email Address:

Operating Hours: 9AM -11PM (Monday-Sunday)

Price Range: P50 – P500

Payment Method: Cash, Bank transfer and Smart Money

Standard Delivery Time: 5PM


Aiz Sioco 1

Name of Business: Tony Cakes and Pastries

Product Information:  Personalized Cakes and Pastries

Product Range: Cakes for all occasions, Brownies , Chiffon, Truffles, Chocolate Cakes, Mousses, Blackforest, Strawberry Shortcakes

Bestsellers / Recommended Products: Chiffon Cakes, Brownies, Chocolate Supreme


Email Address:

Owner: Anthony and Alaiza

Business Address: Iyam, Lucena City

Mobile Number:   09328592280

Operating Hours: Anytime

Price Range: P55-above

Payment Method: (Cash, bank transfer, G-cash, Smart Money)


That’s it for now. In this season of giving, shopping should be fun, exciting and not a time-consuming thing.

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!


Author: Krissa Marie Paña

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