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This Terms of Use is an agreement between the user of the site, hereafter referred to as YOU, and LUCENAHIN.COM.PH, hereafter referred to as WE, and shall govern the rules and regulations you are expected to follow while using the website.

We reserve the right to change these terms anytime, for any reason we deem appropriate, without personally informing you; however, any revisions to these terms shall be posted on the site for you to read and review.

Should you not agree with any of terms that will be mentioned below, we request that you refrain from using the site or any of its services. Continuing your usage of the site shall mean that you have agreed to these terms and conditions regardless whether you actually read them or not.

Use of the Site

Lucenahin.com.ph was created with the aim of highlighting the rich culture and history of Lucena City by providing Lucenahins with a place where they can ask and share relevant information about their hometown with fellow Lucenahins.

Because this was intended to be a fun and informative community, you may not act in a manner that disrupts the harmony of the site by engaging in activities that include but is not limited to posting obscene and derogatory remarks; sending threatening messages or unsolicited offers of any kind to other users; posting another user’s personal information; posing as another person or the representative of a company or organization, especially in a way that is damaging to the group or individual; posting links meant to trick other users into downloading malicious or potentially damaging programs to their computers, and actions intended to impair the normal functioning of the site such as deliberately causing the system to crash.

Should you fail to observe these rules, we would have no other option but to remove the offending material and prevent you from accessing the site.

Copyright Notice

The contents of the site are the intellectual property of Lucenahin.com.ph and their contributors. No part may be copied or redistributed without the prior approval of their respective copyright owners.

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