Pasayahan Sa Lucena 2013

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013
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The month of May is almost over and schooldays are coming once again. But fret not, because summer fun ain’t thru yet. In fact, it’s just about to begin! Hey, Lucenahins, come and let us all celebrate and be delighted with one of the most colorful, entertaining, and longest festival in the Philippines!
Tay’na sa Pasayahan sa Lucena!

History of Pasayahan

But how and when did it all began? Pasayahan sa Lucena began on May 28, 1987 under the administration of the Officer-in-Charge City Mayor Euclides Abcede, and former Bureau of Internal Revenue local office Chief Aguinaldo Abcede. Its main objective back then was to change the implication of others that the city was infested with NPA’s. And because the first Pasayahan was a big success, it became an annual festival which promotes tourism in the city.

Pasayahan was originally inteded to be a 3-day celebration of joyful merrymaking in the streets of Lucena City which starts from May 28 and ends on May 30, in time for the celebration of the feast of St. Ferdinand, Lucena City’s Patron Saint. As the year goes by, it become a week-long celebration that is usually held during the last week of May. From the first day of celebration, the streets of Quezon Avenue and other conjoining streets are closed for the tiangge. Performances of famous and local bands were also being held on different areas of the main street, and of course, food and beer is also flooding along the streets. There’s also this very colorful Flores de Mayo, where the members of Quezon Designers’ Association of the Philippines (QDAP) showcase the best of the best of their collection.

The main highlight of the celebration is the Grand Parade or Mardi-Gras. It is a parade of huge and colorful floats of the participating companies and organizations, along with street dancing and marching bands. The common starting point of the parade is at Pacific Mall Lucena going to SM City Lucena or Perez Park. The best float, best in streetdance, and best in costume would be given some  awards and cash prizes.

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013 (PSL 2013)

This year’s Pasayahan would be different from the Pasayahan Festival that we’ve known since 2004 as there would be no Chami Festival this year, rather the theme of Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013 would focus more on Lucena City’s OTOP, the yummy and delectable Tinapa.

We asked Mr. Vladimir Nieto of PSL Secretariat regarding these changes in Pasayahan 2013. Here is the transcript of our interview:

What are the highlights of this year’s PSL?

You can check our schedule of events or the posters for the different features… basically, there will be more entertainments than before…. there will be several stages where people can watch and enjoy live performances… another is that there will be Kusinerong Lucenahin which does not pick on chami alone. It will feature different recipes with tinapa as a common ingredient.

We learned that there will be no “Chami Festival” this year, and Tinapa will take over. Can you state the reason why? What is OTOP? How does it affect this year’s PSL?

Tinapa is our OTOP. Itinalaga ng batas mula sa LGU at DTI na magkaron ang bawat bayan ng tinatawag na OTOP. One town, one product. Nuon pa man ay tinapa na ang OTOP ng Lucena. Mali lang na hindi ito binigyan ng mahusay na pansin at sa halip ay chami. Bilang pag-ayon sa panukala, Tinapa ang main focus natin bilang produkto ng Lucena na inihahandog natin sa kapistahan ni San Fernando. Ito ay bilang pagsunod sa kung ano ang karapatdapat at tamang sundin.

Would Chami still be a part of Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013?

Pwedeng magluto ng Chami at other recipes sa Kusinerong Lucenahin 🙂

We heard that spaces for “kabit-kalas” stalls are for free, do vendors still need to secure a permit in order to place their stalls? If so, how and where can they avail it?

Kabit kalas is free to all Lucenahins. Non-Lucenahins are required to share or contribute a certain amount. They need to coordinate with the City Admin Office. Pero nairaffle na po mga spaces [by this time].

What can Lucenahins and visiting tourists expect for this year’s PSL? Any messages?

This year’s PSL is more colorful, more fun, more relevant. Sa pagtutulungan ng lahat, anumang kakulangan katulad ng oras at resources, pwede nating panagumpayan at gawing kakaiba ang Pasayahan! It’s about time we do something better to this annual celebration venerating our patron St. Ferdinand.

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013 Schedule of Acitivities
May 23 – 28, 2013

May 23
Opening Parade
Quezon Ave., Lucena City

Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013 Events
Photo by: Pasayahan Sa Lucena 2013
Official Facebook Page

Opening of the Merry-making Area,
Globe Caravan
Pasayahan sa Lucena (PSL)
Cosmania 2013
Pasayahan sa Lucena Mainstage
Quezon Avenue, Lucena City

May 23 – 28
Likas at Likha
Agri-trade Fair & Exhibit
Pacific Mall, Lucena City

May 24
Flores De Mayo
Pacific Mall
Lucena City

Talentadong Lucenahin
PSL Mainstage
Quezon Avenue, Lucena City

May 25
9:00 am
Guhit Lucena
On-the-spot painting contest
for young artists, ages 12-6
PSL Mainstage
Quezon Avenue, Lucena City

On-the-spot art competition
PSL Mainstage
Quezon Avenue Lucena City

Larawang Pasayahan
Photo Contest
Quezon Avenue, Lucena City

2:00 pm
Kusinerong Lucenahin
ft. Tinapa (Lucena’s OTOP)
Quezon Ave., (along PSL Main stage)
Lucena City

PSLTugyugan (Battle of the Bands)
PSL Main Stage
Quezon Ave. Lucena City

May 26
7:00 pm
Binibini at Ginoong Pasayahan Coronation Night
PSL Mainstage
Quezon Avenue, Lucena City

May 27
Gandang Lola Coronation Night
PSL Mainstage
Quezon Avenue, Lucena City

May 28
1:00 pm
Street Dance and Grand Parade

7:00 pm
SMB Night with Rivermaya
PSL Mainstage

for more details regarding Pasayahan, please visit: 

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Pasayahan sa Lucena 2013 Official Facebook Page. 

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