Neighboring Towns of Lucena City: Tayabas

Casa Comunidad de Tayabas
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Tayabas City, approximately 10km away from Lucena City, is known to its colorful festivals, spring resorts, heritage houses, and historical landmarks.


Brief History

In 1578, the Province of Tayabas was founded by two Franciscan missionaries from Spain, namely Fray Juan de Plasencia and Fray Diego de Oropesa.


The town of Tayabas was the capital of the Province of Tayabas (now Quezon Province) from 1749 to 1901. It was one of the biggest towns in the Philippines and was one of the eight towns that was given the title “Villa” and was considered to be the ‘most noble’ villa even before it became the capital of the province. When Lucena became an independent town in 1882, the population of Tayabas decreased about 21,000 to 16,000. Lucena was then declared as the capital of the province because of it’s location and accessibility to the sea.


In 1946, the Tayabas Province was renamed as Quezon Province in honor of the late President Manuel L. Quezon, while the town remained as Tayabas town before it became a charter city on November 2008.


Malagonlong Bridge
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Popular Sights and Destination

The City of Tayabas is known for its clean spring resorts and native restaurants like Nawawalang Paraiso, Manasa Farm and Spring Resort, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, and Mainit Hot Spring Resort.


Likewise, Tayabas City is also known as the City of Festivals in the Philippines due to its numerous celebration of colorful festivals. Among these festivals are:

  • Mayohan sa Tayabas – traditionally celebrated every 6th to 15th of the month of May. It includes “Hagisan ng Suman” and “Pa’yas kay San Isidro” which is done every 15th of the said month.
  • Aguyod Festival – celebrated every 25th of October
  • Feast of San Miguel Arkanghel – celebrated every 29th of September


The city also abounds in historical places and heritage houses. Among these are Puente de Malagonlong (Malagonlong Bridge), San Miguel de Archangel Basilica Menor, and Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas.


How to get here:

If you’re from NCR or from Bicol Region, simply follow these directions going to Lucena City or you can get off at Sariaya, Quezon then take a jeepney bound to Tayabas.

If you are from Lucena City proper (bayan), just ride a jeepney bound to Gulang-gulang then get off at Tayabas-Lucban terminal beside Jollibee Gulang-gulang.

You can also take a van going to Tayabas via SM City Lucena or Pacific Mall Van Terminals.

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