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13199035_1281427871886536_422758378_oLucenahin Collections is a compilation of collector profiles featuring their stories and their collections from books, magazines, and clothes to action figures, trading cards, and stuffed toys.

Can you provide a brief description of your collection for us?

Good day, I’m Philip Joshua Lagdameo, 19 years old , currently on my Junior level on Bachelor of Fine Arts in Manuel S. Enverga University and I am fond of collecting Pokemon Figures. 🙂

How long have had you an interest in collecting Pokemon Figures?

Since I was a child I had an interest in collecting Pokemon Figures because I love watching the TV Anime Show “Pokemon.” During my childhood days, I always play Pokemon Figures and even copied the lines of the characters that’s why when I enter school I started collecting them.

How large is your current collection?

Unfortunately, today my collections are limited because others are gone. Some are misplaced while most of them are given away to my friends who have the same interest.

Do you have any favorites among your collection?

None. It’s hard to choose a favorite one! I don’t wanna be bias besides I love every single one of them! 😛

Are there many clubs related with your collection? Where can you find people with similar interests?

I think so, but I really don’t know where I could find them? All I know are my cousins and friends whom I can relate to.

How do you take care of your collection?

Actually, I do not have any special cleaning treatment with my collections because as a collector I wanted to preserve their color, and texture. I just arrange them properly after playing them.

What is your biggest regret when it comes to collecting?

I have no regrets in collecting Pokemon Figures because just seeing them in my bedroom is a fulfillment already! 😀

Where would you advise people to start in, if they want to collect the same?

Start visiting online shops where you can buy anime figures like Pokemon. You can also check out Comic Alley at Manila or simply drop by at SM Toy Kingdom. Enjoy collecting! ^_^

Stick around for more featured Lucenahin Collections next week, guys! If you have your own collections, feel free to share them with us. Send us a mail at or send us a private message through our Facebook account.

Author: Krissa Marie Paña

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