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Hi! I’m Marael Pepaño and I’m a book collector.


How long have you had an interest in collecting books? How did that come about?

I have always loved reading books. Every time I have money, I buy books. I had no intention of collecting them actually, it just happened. I just bought and bought books until I woke up one day and realized that, “Hey, I already have many of them.” 🙂 Most of my books, though, were acquired when I was in college. Many of my books have been borrowed but never returned.


How large is your current collection?

My books are in the hundreds by now, including both physical and e-books.


Do you have any favorites among your collection?

I really love all of my books. They’re like my friends. I’m obsessed with them like they’re superstars, but my personal favorites are Bob Ong books, the Harry Potter books, the Hunger Games books, and the Gifted series books.


Are there many clubs related to collecting books out there? Where can you find people with similar interests?

I have never encountered even a single book club. Maybe because I live in the Philippines and book clubs are mostly based in the Western countries. Some of my friends back in college are as much into books as I am, though. They’re the only people who can relate to me when it comes to books. There aren’t so many people in my circle who are fond of books, sad to say.


How do you take care of your collection?

I keep them all in one big box. In case a person would like to borrow a book, I remind him/her to never ever fold a single page and return it to me just as it was.


What is your biggest regret when it comes to collecting?

I regret lending my books. LOL. Most of them hadn’t been returned until now.


Where would you advise people to start in, if they want to collect the same?

If you love books, start collecting them now. Do not just borrow from your friends; buy your own to read and keep. I recommend not just borrowing books because buying is the only way you could repay the authors who have shared with you not just their ideas, but their stories as well. Sure, several great books are quite expensive, but their value is timeless.


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