Lucena Grand Central Terminal: Transport and Fares

Updated: Dec. 17, 2015

Grand Terminal

One of the things that makes places ideal to live in is their accessibility, and here in Lucena City, we have the Lucena Grand Central Terminal to take care of that.

Located at Barangay Ilayang Dupay, Lucena City, the Grand Central Terminal is home to several lines of buses that carry commuters all over Quezon Province and neighboring towns and cities in the CALABARZON and Bicol regions.

Below is a partial list of the different routes that buses, jeepneys, and vans — the main modes of public transportation in the city — travel as well as the minimum fare they usually charge.


Destination Mode of
Minimum Fare
Lucena City Proper Jeepney P8.00
Pagbilao, Quezon Jeepney P12.00
Tayabas, Quezon Jeepney P15.00
Lucban, Quezon Van P30.00
Unisan, Quezon Bus P60.00
Unisan, Quezon Van P80.00
Tagkawayan, Quezon Bus P160.00
Tagkawayan, Quezon Van P200.00
Guinyangan, Quezon Bus P160.00
Aurora, Quezon Bus P240.00
Aurora, Quezon Van P250.00
Calauag, Quezon Bus P130.00
Gumaca, Quezon Bus P105.00
Lopez, Quezon Bus P138.00
Atimonan, Quezon Bus P54.00
Atimonan, Quezon Van P70.00
Agdangan, Quezon Bus P50.00
Agdangan, Quezon Van P75.00
Padre Burgos, Quezon Bus P35.00
Padre Burgos, Quezon Van P60.00
San Andres, Quezon Bus P220.00
San Narciso, Quezon  Van P180.00
Catanuan, Quezon  Bus P140.00
General Luna, Quezon Bus P110.00
Macalelon, Quezon Bus P100.00
Mauban, Quezon Van P54.00
Mulanay, Quezon  Bus P150.00
Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte  Bus P140.00
Ragay, Camarines Sur  Bus P230.00
Rosario, Cavite Van P220.00
Cavite Van P180.00
Manggahan, Cavite Van P220.00
Tejero, Cavite Van P220.00
Tagaytay, Cavite Van P180.00
Pala Pala, Cavite Van P160.00
Sta. Rosa, Laguna Van P150.00
Balibago, Laguna Van P150.00
Biñan, Laguna Van P150.00
Calamba, Laguna Van P150.00
Turbina  Bus P150.00 (JAM)*
Pacita, Laguna Van P150.00*
Alaminos, Laguna  Bus P 80.00 (Ordinary/N. dela Rosa)*
P 97.50 (Air-conditioned / N. dela Rosa)*
San Pablo  Bus P 65.00 (Ordinary/ N. dela Rosa)*
P 82.00 (Air-conditioned / N. dela Rosa) *
Alabang Bus P 167.50 (Lucena Lines) – Air-conditioned*
P 180.00 (N. dela Rosa Lines) – Air-conditioned*
LRT/Taft/Buendia  Bus P 209.50 (JAM) / P 220.00 (JAC)*
Cubao  Bus P 218.00 (JAM) / P 258.00 (JAC)*
P 208.00 (Lucena Lines)*

Data presented based on minimum fares as of Dec. 2015

Figures marked with asterisks (*) were based on minimum fares as of December 17, 2015

For provincial buses, trips are usually from 5 AM to 7 PM although there are also bus lines that provide 24 hour-service with at least 10- 30 minutes interval between each trip. Trips to Manila, on the other hand,  usually starts at 2 AM and ends at  9 PM with at least 30 minutes interval between trips.


Author: Kevin Marca

is an illustrator and graphic artist who draws inspiration from his favorite movies and anime. A bit of an introvert by nature, he likes traveling and exploring new places during his spare time.

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