Lucena City Port Travel Schedule and Fares

Lucena City Port

If the Lucena Grand Central Terminal is a center for land transportation in the areas surrounding the province of Quezon, the Lucena City Port serves an equally important function the maritime area surrounding the Tayabas Bay.

Located about 140 kilometers southeast of Manila, the port serves a significant number of passenger and commercial vessels that stop at the pier to pick up and drop off goods and supplies as well as to ferry passengers to and fro neighboring provinces.

Several shipping lines operate in the port, the travel schedule and minimum fares of  some of which have been provided below for your reference.


Montenegro Shipping Lines
Passenger Fare Balanacan Port Cawit Port  Terminal Fee
Ticket Price Schedule Ticket Price  Schedule
Regular Php 260.00 04:00 AM

12:00 NN

08:00 PM

Php 340.00 12:00 MN
04:00 PM
Regular Php 30.00

Senior (with OSCA ID) Php 24.00

Student (with School ID) Php 24.00

Half-fare Php 24.00

Student Php 221.00 Php 289.00
Senior Citizen Php 208.00 Php 272.00
Half-fare (3-7 years old) Php 130.00 Php 170.00

Source: Lucena City Port Travel Schedules and Fare Guides

 Starhorse Shipping Lines
Passenger Fare Ticket Price Schedule
 Regular Php 260.00

10:30 AM

02:30 PM

10:30 PM

 Student Php 221.00
 Senior Citizen Php 208.00
 Half-fare Php 130.00

Source: Starhorse Shipping Lines

Data presented based on information retrieved on February 14, 2013


Two more shipping companies supposedly operate in the port, but we have yet to confirm it, so if you have additional information that might help, feel free to leave a comment below.


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