Hotels and Accommodations in Lucena City

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Do you want to visit the city of Lucena for a vacation? Or you’d just be staying here for a while for a particular purpose?

If you’re looking for a place to stay for a while, here is a brief directory of the Hotels and Accommodations here in Lucena City from the first class Hotels to Budget Lodges:


Anahaw Hotel
Address: RA Building, Lucena City, Quezon
Phone: (042) 710-7197


Castle Bernardina Hotel, Bar and Restaurant
Address: #67 Rosal St. Little Baguio 2,
Red-V, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 373-3732


Diamond Resort and Hotel
Address: Maharlike Highway, Barangay Ibabang Dupay
Lucena City
Phone: (042) 710-7757


Hillside Hotel and Restaurant
Address: Dona Aurora Boulevard, Gulang Gulang,
Lucena City, Quezon
Phone: (042) 373-4996


House of Halina Hotel
Address: 104 Gomez St, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 710-2902


Lady Luck Hotel
Address: M.L. Tagarao St. Lucena City
Phone: (042) 710 6807


Lucena Fresh Air Hotel and Resort
Address: Iyam, Lucena City
Phone:  (042) 710-2424


Lucena Greenview Hotel
Address: KM 180 Maharlika Highway,
Barangay Ibabang Iyam, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 660-5191


Mercado’s Lodge
Address: Evangelista, Lucena City, Quezon
Phone: (042) 710-6389


Oak Park Residences
Padillo Building,
Enriquez cor. Hermana Fausta Sts.,
Lucena City
Phone: (042) 373-6764
(042) 710-6148


Queen Margarette Hotel
Address: Domoit Diversion Road, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 373-7171 to 73
(042) 373-4889
Fax: (042) 373-7604
(042) 373-6218


Queen Margarette Hotel Downtown
Address: One People Square Bldg.
M.L. Tagarao cor. Granja St. Lucena City
Phone: (042) 373-7171 to 73
(042) 373-4889
Fax: (042) 373-7604
(042) 373-6218


Quezon Premier Hotel
Diversion Road, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 710-9538


Red Palm Hotel
Address: Maharlika Highway Lucena City Quezon
Phone: (042) 710-7856


Star Garden Tower Hotel
Address: 2948-B Quezon Avenue
Lucena City
Phone: (042) 710-4437


Sulo Riviera Hotel
Address: National highway, Diversion Rd.
Ilayang Dupay, Grand Terminal, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 795-0088


The Saint Joseph
Address: #7 Trinidad St. Extension
( near Allarey St., Brgy 1 ), Lucena City
Phone: (042) 322-0103
Tourist Hotel
Address: Maharlika Hi-way, Lucena City
Phone: (042) 710-4456

Please note however that we do not endorse any of the establishments above as this is only a Directory Listing for Lucena City Hotels and Accommodations.

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